“Have you Clicked?” Wales-wide anti-stigma campaign launches

This week sees the launch of Welsh mental health charity Hafal’s new anti-stigma campaign “Have You Clicked?” which will target hundreds of thousands of people across Wales with a clear anti-stigma message.

The charity aims to distribute over 100,000 information leaflets to the Welsh public, and will be running anti-stigma themed events at the Eisteddfod, Royal Welsh and at the National Assembly.

“1 in 30 of us experience a serious mental illness like schizophrenia or bipolar disorder and need to make progress towards recovery. Yet people with a mental illness are still subject to prejudice on a daily basis. And prejudice can stop people getting on with their lives by excluding them from jobs, social activities, education, et cetera,” said a representative from the charity.

“This campaign aims to deliver a simple five-point plan to combat stigma to a huge audience across Wales. We can make a real difference by informing people of the positive actions they can take to combat stigma.”

The “Have You Clicked?” campaign also invites service users, carers and the public to come up with brilliant photographic images from across the country, breaking down barriers and encouraging people to have fun.

Hafal projects in each county will be running a photography exhibition and a photography-based open day.

For more information, go to: www.hafal.org