The Senedd

The responsibility for health and social services in Wales, including mental health, lies with the Senedd and the Welsh Government.

The important role of the Senedd is to develop and implement policies which reflect the particular needs of the people of Wales. The Welsh Government is the executive arm of the Senedd and has the power to fund, direct and make appointments to NHS bodies in Wales and hold them to account, and to implement policies on care in the community.

Further information about how the Senedd operates can be accessed through the websites for:

the Welsh Government at

the Senedd at

Key figures for Mental Health in the Senedd:

Minister for Health and Social Services, Eluned Morgan

  • The Minister for Health and Social Services is: Eluned Morgan
  • The Deputy Minister for Mental Health and Wellbeing is: Lynne Neagle

The Health and Social Care Committee is the key Senedd committee for mental health. It is termed a Scrutiny Committee and, as this terms suggests, its key role is to examine the Government’s policies, actions and spending on health and social services, and to hold Ministers to account and also keep an eye on government bodies and agencies within this field.

The Health and Social Care Committee is chaired by Russell George.

More information on the Senedd’s Health and Social Service structure