Many depressed patients “unaware” of treatment choices

A large number of patients suffering from depression in the UK are unaware what treatments are available to them despite government pledges to improve patient choice.

That’s the conclusion of a report called “Daring to Choose – 10 Ways to Improve Choice for People with Depression and Anxiety” by the charity Depression Alliance.

The report found that two-thirds of depressed patients leave their GP surgery unaware of any treatment apart from antidepressants. Only a third of the 513 people surveyed had been told there was a choice of antidepressants, while 70 per cent felt they were given inadequate information about the side effects.

Experts claim these findings show GPs are still failing to follow guidelines from the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) about the best use of antidepressants, psychological therapies and self-help groups for people suffering from depression.

To download the report please visit the Depression Alliance website at: