Report says homicide may have been ‘averted’ by better care and treatment

A report by Healthcare Inspectorate Wales (HIW) on a homicide carried out by a mental health service user in Newport has said that proper care and treatment may have averted the tragedy.

The review has highlighted concerns in relation to the care and treatment provided to Kevin Price who attacked his former school friend James Fortey in August 2007.

The findings of the report included:

·  The homicide could not have been predicted, but had Mr Price been engaged more assertively in care and treatment it “may have led to the likelihood of any homicide being averted”. 

·  The Care Programme Approach had not been properly implemented, including inadequate attention to the assessment, identification and management of risk.

·  Risk assessment arrangements were not reviewed with the frequency HIW would expect and documentation was not always completed.

·  Engagement with Mr Price’s family was poor and they were not provided with appropriate support. 

·  Compliance with medication should have been followed up more robustly.

·  Leadership and management systems operating within the CMHT were ineffective.

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