Young people’s national action plan may be delayed

A national action plan to help address “urgent” issues concerning the quality of services.for young people with emotional and mental health needs may be delayed.

In November a report published jointly by Healthcare Inspectorate Wales, the Wales Audit Office, Estyn, and Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales strongly recommended that a plan outlining how and when services will improve should be developed within six months.

However, at a meeting of the National Assembly for Wales’ Public Accounts Committee held on Wednesday, NHS Wales Chief Executive Paul Williams told Committee Chair, Jonathan Morgan AM, that the task of devising a plan had not yet been set and that the plan “may take a little longer” than May. When asked by Mr Morgan if the plan would be significantly delayed Mr Williams said “it was difficult to say”.

Mr Williams, who described the jointly published report as a “wake-up call”, said: “I would imagine that we would have significant progress (by May) but as we’ve only just finished the reorganisation of the health service I will need to take a view from my Chief Executive colleagues in the next couple of weeks. I understand the urgency of this plan and we’re committed to improving these services further.”

To read the jointly published report “Services for children and young people with emotional and mental health needs” please visit:

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