“Carers missing out on respite and worse off financially.”

A survey issued by Carers Wales to coincide with Carers Week (June 14 – 20) has found that more than three quarters of people in Wales looking after an ill, frail or disabled loved one said they did not have a life outside of their caring role.

According to the charity many carers are left isolated and lonely, missing out on opportunities that others take for granted.

The survey found that:

• 79% of carers in Wales have been forced to give up leisure activities or going out socially since becoming a carer.

• 64% had to give up taking regular holidays.

• 80% say their caring duties mean they have lost touch with family and friends.

• four out of five carers said they were worse off financially.

• nearly half have been forced to give up work because of time constraints.

Paul Matz, Carers Week Manager, said: “Carers need and deserve change. We need to see better access to advice and information, improved funding for breaks, and support and flexibility for carers at the workplace.”

The research has been published to coincide with Carers Week which runs from June 14th to June 20th.

For more information on Carers Week please visit: http://www.carersweek.org/

To download a copy of Welsh mental health charity Hafal’s Ten Point Plan for carers, please visit: http://www.hafal.org/hafal/publications.php