Board game hopes to aid understanding of Bipolar disorder

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A board game which aims to aid the understanding of Bipolar disorder is being planned.

The game has been devised by Jocelyn Duncan, from Caerphilly, and is being evaluated by Glamorgan University and “health officials” who plan to pilot it in the community.

Jocelyn, who was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder when she was 57, runs a self-help group and created the game as an education and communication tool.

The game involves a board made up of a series of squares each containing a question. The answers are on separate cards which then have to be matched up to the questions. Those playing the game discuss the questions and this allows them to get a better understanding of symptoms and mood swings.

Jocelyn told the BBC Wales News website: “If I could be granted one wish it would be for everyone with Bipolar disorder to have the knowledge to understand their illness in the way that I do.

“With a clearer understanding there would be large numbers of people who could have help to control their lives.”

Ms Duncan said the game is intended to allow people to learn about the illness and talk about it as a family or group.

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