The “Taking the Wheel” campaign reached Tenby today.

Service users and carers from Hafal’s Tenby Resource Initiative (TRI) project have discussed the campaign’s theme of empowerment during today’s event.

Service User Lynn Hudson, 55, who has bipolar disorder said: “I have been unwell since I was 18. I have had a difficult life and struggled in an abusive relationship for years.

“Since coming to TRI I have been empowered through friendship, care and support and can at last say that I am recovering. I enjoy writing children’s stories and painting, my ambition is to be a published children’s author.

“I’m receiving support from Hafal to realise my talents and enjoy my hobbies. I take part in workshops and courses at TRI and am now writing children’s stories for my grandchildren. I hope that one day they will become a published piece of work.

“Events like ‘Taking the Wheel’ give Hafal members like myself an opportunity to display our work and have a real sense of pride. I know I haven’t completely recovered, I know it will take a long time to do so, but with the continued support from staff, volunteers and friends at TRI I know I will reach my goal.”

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