The “Taking the Wheel” campaign reached Abergavenny today.

The “Taking the Wheel” campaign reached Abergavenny today.
Service users and carers from Hafal’s Monmouthshire project have discussed the campaign’s theme of empowerment during today’s event.

Jane, a service user and carer in her mid fifties who looks after her daughter (who has schizophrenia) and her housebound husband, said: “Hafal has helped me take the wheel by encouraging and supporting me to do many things for myself which I wouldn’t have believed possible previously.

“For example where once I would have flown off the handle if I had a letter demanding rent from the council’s housing department I’ve learnt to approach tasks like this in a much calmer fashion. I file my letters away and do things like finances step-by-step.

“I used to rely on people and lean on services too much, now I will take the initiative myself and address these problems on my own.”

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