Hafal publishes Local Government Election manifesto

Hafal has published its Mental Health Manifesto for the forthcoming Local Government Elections which take place on Thursday May 3rd.

The charity’s manifesto contains five key points:

1. People with a serious mental illness need a commitment from local councils to preserve and enhance services for them.

2. Social services need to play a full part in supporting people with a serious mental illness.

3. Local councils need to support the delivery of the new Mental Health Measure (Wales’ new mental health law).

4. Local councils need to support carers.

5. Local councils should promote choice.

Hafal Chief Executive Bill Walden-Jones says: “Our 1,300 Members from across the 22 counties of Wales are calling on Local Government to make mental health a priority in the next four years by addressing these key issues. We all need to use our vote to ensure that people with the highest needs in Wales – including people with serious mental illness – get reliable and consistent support from local councils.”

To read Hafal’s manifesto in full please visit: http://www.hafal.org/hafal/pdf/Manifesto.pdf