‘Patients don’t only want a revised Strategy; they want an effective delivery plan as well!

The Welsh Government’s new Strategy “Together for Mental Health” was the main topic of conversation at today’s “Movin’ On Up” event in Anglesey.

Hafal’s Anglesey Practice Leader, Heather Russell-Hughes, said: “Here on Anglesey we, like the rest of Wales, are keen to get behind the Mental Health Service User and Carer Panel response to the Strategy. Consultation events ended in July; nearly 400 service users and carers supported the Panel’s views which was a great response.

We are now waiting to see what the Government will come up with. Service users don’t simply want a revised Strategy, what they’re looking for is a delivery plan. Patients and families won’t be satisfied with anything less than a set of concrete targets for improvements to secondary mental health services which will hold NHS and local authority managers to account.”

Today’s “Movin’ On Up” event was the first of a series taking place across North Wales in the next month. The campaign will culminate in a climb of Wales’ highest peak, Snowdon, in September. Heather said: “The climb has generated a lot of interest. It will be symbolic: we want to demonstrate how service users and carers in Wales can lead the way forward and take services to a new level by maximising the opportunities provided by the Mental Health Measure, the Carers Measure and the new Strategy.

“The climb also provides an excellent opportunity to take part in a physical activity – so important for mental health recovery – and have some fun along the way!”

The “Movin’ On Up” campaign is run by service users and carers and supported by mental health charities Hafal, Bipolar UK and the Mental Health Foundation. 22 weekly county events are taking place. The campaign will also feature an interactive stand on World Mental Health Day at the National Assembly.

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A full response to the draft Mental Health Strategy was published by Hafal today. Please click here to download a copy.