Bethan Jenkins AM “coming to terms with depression”

Assembly Member Bethan Jenkins has been banned from driving for 20 months after pleading guilty to drink-driving.

The AM issued a statement saying: “This incident is one I regret wholeheartedly and I am deeply sorry.

“This has been a difficult period, in which I have begun to come to terms with depression for the first time.”

Bill Walden-Jones, Chief Executive of Welsh mental health charity Hafal, said: “If somebody has depression or another mental health problem the most important thing is to get help. Your G.P. is the right contact – and there are new services in development in Primary Care so you stand more chance of getting counselling not just an offer of medication.

“Mental health problems can affect people’s judgement and behaviour although only a few may then get into trouble with the law and there may be consequences of course. This is why it is important for everybody with a mental health problem to get help as quickly as possible.”