Countdown to Lights! Camera! ACTION!

Lights! Camera! ACTION!, a groundbreaking 2013 campaign led by mental health service users and carers in Wales, will be officially launched at the National Assembly in Cardiff next month.

The campaign will call upon services across Wales to deliver on the new Mental Health Measure and Strategy. In the past two years service users and carers have successfully campaigned for the ground-breaking new law and policy. Now these are in place it’s time to turn words into action: hence Lights! Camera! ACTION!

Specifically the campaign will call for:

• high quality Care and Treatment Plans for everyone receiving secondary mental health services
• full choice and control for service users on the content of Care and Treatment Plans
• prompt delivery of quality mental health services in response to those Plans and to the needs of people with a serious mental illness using primary care services
• further reform of services which increases service user and carer control over the choice and commissioning of services
• a longer-term move towards full equality in Welsh society for service users and carers including equal access to health and social care, housing, income, education, and employment.

Lights! Camera! ACTION! is supported by mental health charities Bipolar UK, Hafal and the Mental Health Foundation. Our mobile studio will be on location at 22 local county events taking place throughout the summer. The campaign will be launched at a Seminar in May and will be celebrated at a red-carpet event at the Senedd on World Mental Health Day in October.

To find out more about the campaign click here.

We’ll be providing the latest films and updates on the campaign throughout the Summer on Hafal’s Facebook page so remember to follow us!