Lights! Camera! ACTION! broadcasts from the Vale of Glamorgan

The Lights! Camera! ACTION! campaign is broadcasting from Barry in the Vale of Glamorgan today. The mobilestudio is on location at King’s Square in the town centre.

·        Service user Barry Dix has been speakingto camera about the importance of dealing with accommodation in the Care andTreatment Plan and the problems that the “bedroom tax” may bring: clickhere to watch.

·        Clickhere to watch Suzanne Hudson, Chief Executive of Bipolar UK,talking about the importance of the campaign and the ability of people in Walesto make things happen!

Andhere’s some fantastic news: Hafal has been awarded over £750,000 by the BigLottery to provide an early intervention service across South East Wales for600 young people aged 14-25 experiencing or at risk of psychosis. Hafal islooking forward to discussing the new project with the partner organisations!For more information please click here.

TheLights! Camera! ACTION! campaign calls upon services across Wales to deliver on thenew MentalHealth Measure and Strategy. In the past two years service users and carers havesuccessfully campaigned for the new law and policy. Now these are in place it’stime to turn words into action: hence Lights!Camera! ACTION!

The campaign is supported by mental health charitiesBipolar UK, Hafal and the Mental Health Foundation. Our mobilestudio will be on location at 22 local county events taking place throughoutthe summer. The campaign will conclude with a red-carpet event at the Senedd onWorld Mental Health Day in October.

The campaignhas been endorsed by Diverse Cymru who will be helping to ensure that it reaches out to minority and disadvantagedcommunities. The campaign has received funding from the Big Lottery who have awarded agrant to purchase video cameras and technical equipment for all 22 counties.

To find out more about the campaign please click here.