Let’s Get Physical! – GET OUTDOORS is the advice from Merthyr

Let’s Get Physical! reached Merthyr today atan event which got people on their feet! Activities included a football penaltyshoot-out, exercise work-out,rugby passing game, badminton, walking and a bike ride. Guests also enjoyed ahealthy lunch to fuel all their activity – and had the opportunity to get aphysical health check up in the Mobile Health Centre.

Hafal Service user Ron said: “My advice to people with a mental illness andtheir carers is to get outdoors! We’reso lucky in Wales to have loads of open space to make the most of – and loadsof hills and mountains to climb. We’re going to continue to Get Physicalthroughout the summer by running our walking group and accessing more outdoor activitiesin partnership with organisations such as Natural ResourcesWales.”

Hafal Carers Worker Gill added: “We also have a ongoingweekly healthy eating lunch club to promote a good diet. And of course our clientswill be thinking about what health goals they can write in their care plans  so that they can build healthy living intotheir everyday life.”