Let’s Get Physical! inspires a walking group in Rhondda Cynon Taf

Thenational Let’s Get Physical! campaign reached Rhondda Cynon Taf today at anevent in Aberdare. Guests had the opportunity to get a physical healthcheck up in the Mobile Health Centre, take part in gym exercises and enjoy ahealthy lunch.

Derrick, aservice user at Hafal RCT, said: “Taking part in the campaign hasencouraged me to look at what I am eating and try to eat more healthily. Iattended the launch of the campaign and this has made me more mindful of what Iam eating and my family and I are now making healthier choices when we do ourfood shopping. I have been inspired by other service users who attend the Hafalproject and we have started to share ideas of healthy and filling lunchoptions. At the project we are planning to continue this good work by startinga 12 week Agored course focusing on healthy eating, cookery and budgeting.

“Thecampaign has also inspired us to start a walking group. This will be animportant step for us – it means we’ll have an ongoing project to get our teethinto. This is what the campaign is about – making long-term changes. Walking isa great form of exercise, not too strenuous and great for the heart. And it’s agreat way to socialise. I’m really looking forward to this summer!”

Hafal RCTstaff member John said: “The campaign is about individuals taking controlof their lives and setting their own physical health goals. Our work this yearwill focus on getting those goals into care plans and really getting people tothink about how they can take those steps towards a healthier lives. Thatincludes staff and clients!

“Oneof our plans is to get involved with the Actif Woods scheme. Activities include gentle exercise, woodwork skills, plant andanimal identification – or simply taking in the natural surroundings. It’s about getting outdoors and beingactive – good for the body and the mind.”