#LetsGetPhysical Torfaen: Carers need to look after themselves!

One of Hafal Torfaen’s”Let’s Get Physical!” campaign goals for this summer is to work withcarers on maintaining and improving their physical health – because a caringrole can take its toll.

Mrs Fisher, a carer at the project, said: “Some recentresearch by Carers UK showed that over 8 in 10 carers have seen a negativeeffect on their physical health because of their caring role. I’m notsurprised! It’s hard to find time to look after yourself when you’re lookingafter someone else.

“As part of the campaign we are going to work togetherto identify ways for us to make time to become healthier. We’ll also be lookingat¬† diet and exercise and making sure we get our health checkedregularly.”

At today’s “Let’s Get Physical!” event inPontypool both carers and service users had the opportunity to have health checks in the mobile surgery, take part in someexercise and enjoy a healthy lunch.

Junaid Iqbal, Hafal’s National Carer Lead, said: “It’s greatto see a focus on carers as well as service users in Torfaen. My advice tofellow carers is that sacrificing your own wellbeing won’t do you or the personyou care for any favours. You have to try and find time to maintain your ownhealth – although as carers we know that this can be hard to achieve.

“You can talk to health and social care agencies and see howthey can support you. You can also ask the Community Mental Health Team, the GPand other health and social care agencies for their cooperation in supportingyou to take breaks.”