The Ynys Môn challenge: WALK A MILE

At the Ynys Môn Let’s Get Physical!event today attendees had the opportunity toWALK A MILE cross-country with the aim of inspiring a new habit.

Bronwen Pritchard, a carer in Ynys Môn, explained: “We wanted to dosomething simple and with a clear message. WALK A MILE is about settingourselves an achievable goal of getting outside and doing a short walk – whicha lot of people can do on a regular basis.

“For us the campaign is about setting realistic goalswhich can lead to lasting lifestyle changes. WALK A MILE is just that: it’ssomething many people could fit into their day or week. We want everyone who can to WALK A MILE when they can! It’s the first step to a healthier life -and Ynys Môn is the idealplace when it comes to walking.”

Heather Russell-Hughes, Hafal’s Practice Leader in Ynys Môn, said: “Like many otherprojects, we think that walking groups are one of the most enjoyable andaccessible ways to promote exercise. As a part of the campaign we are startinga new walking group with the idea of eventually moving people onto establishedwalking groups in their communities. And we also plan to provide indoorexercise at the project during the winter months for those who don’t want tobrave the elements!”