#LetsGetPhysical Pembrokeshire: Anything seems possible after a climb!

When it comes to rock climbing,you can’t beat Pembrokeshire – so the county’s Let’sGet Physical! activities have included plenty of opportunities for scalingand descending the heights. Earlier in the year Steve and Toby from Hafal’sTenby Resource Initiative did a sponsored abseil down Pembroke Castle (watchthe video here). Andat today’s event visitors had the opportunity to tackle a climbing wall.

Lee Toby Credland, a service user from Tenby Resource Initiative, said: “Climbing is huge in this part of the worldbecause of the fantastic cliffs we have. It’s a great exercise because itprovides atotal bodyworkout and it strengthens core muscles as wellas working your heart.

“It’s also a reallypositive exercise because it’s about goal-setting. You have a task to reach thetop and you are determined to get there. The sense of achievement is great:anything seems possible after a climb. It really boosts your confidence.”

Visitors at today’s event alsohad the opportunity to take part in a zumba dance class, a walk with ‘Step2Health’, a kettle bells exercise session with a personal trainer, netball, anexercise bike competition and a reflexology session run by the AmberDenFoundation.  Healthy food was on the menu throughout the day withfat/calorie contents detailed on menu cards.

Abby Roberts, Practice Leader atHafal Pembrokeshire, said: “Members of Hafal’s Tenby Resource Initiativehave been inspired by the campaign to set up a healthy living club. They meetto discuss diet, plan meals and to cook for other members. They are alsoorganising different types of physical activity and providing weekly weigh-insessions for those wanting to slim down.”