All Together Now! campaign launches

All Together Now!, a groundbreaking 2015 music campaign led by peoplein Wales with a mental illness and their carers, was officially launched at theNorwegian Church Arts Centre in Cardiff Bay yesterday by Health and SocialServices Minister Mark Drakeford AM.

Launching the eventthe Minister said: “Music has an ability to  connect to the emotionalside of our lives in ways that very few other things do. And we know this verywell in the field of mental health.

“This campaign,as it goes around Wales, will use the All Together Now! strap line to drawpeople into a much wider set of discussions about their own place in the worldand about connecting to people who have shared their own experience, but to doit in a way that has a lot of joy!”

The event wasattended by service users and carers from across Wales as well as AMs, policymakers and health professionals.Guestshad the opportunity to:

  • enjoy live performances
  • meet Craig Yates and David Mahoney from Welsh Classical BritAward-winning ensemble Only Men Aloud
  • hear from the All Together Now! panel members about the aims of the campaign
  • hear from the partners in All Together Now! about why the campaign is so important and timely for people in Wales with a mental illness and their carers
  • visit the All Together Now! Tour Bus.

The campaign issupported by Hafal, Bipolar UK, the Mental HealthFoundation and Diverse Cymru.

Viewpictures from the event here.