Parliamentary Review of Health and Social Care in Wales published

This week has seen the publication of the Parliamentary Review of Health and Social Care in Wales which makes recommendations about what health and social care will look like in the future.

The new report makes a number of proposals on how change to the system can be supported and explains, in practical terms, how to meet the challenges facing health and social care services in the years ahead. It recommends new models of care with services organised around the individual and their family, as close to home as possible. It also emphasises that services need to be “preventative, easy to access and of high quality”.

Dr Ruth Hussey, Chair of the review panel, said: “We hope that this report will be a catalyst for the action that is needed, and help to guide the future of health and social care in Wales.”

While mental health is not addressed as an individual issue, the Report does state that care and support should be seamless, “without artificial barriers between physical and mental health, primary and secondary care, or health and social care”.

Mental health charity Hafal submitted evidence for the Review last year. You can read the Parliamentary Review here and view additional information, including an analysis of written evidence, here.