“Hardships of Being Human” festival takes place at Swansea University next week

A “Hardships of Being Human” festival of mental health will be taking place at Swansea University on 24th April from 9:30am-8pm.

The day will explore mental health issues by combining live talks, workshops, film, art and poetry. The aim is to give ‘time and compassion to human hardships’, raise awareness, promote wellbeing and challenge stigma.

This festival is open to everyone, and welcomes students, people with personal experience of mental distress, practitioners, artists, tutors, clinicians and frontline workers.

The speakers will take their places on the Taliesin stage from 10.30am. On stage will be:-

• Jonny Benjamin MBE
• The Women’s Survivor
• Support Project (WSSP)
• The Making of ‘Stolen Voices’
• Heads Above The Waves
• Hannah Hull
• Sarah McCreadie
• Beryl the Feral

During the day delegates will be able to explore events around Swansea University including a live arts project and activities by students and the University’s Student Union. They will be able to visit a ‘marketplace’ throughout the day in the University’s Café West where they can find more information and merchandise from mental health bodies and university societies.

A ‘mental health conscious’ buffet lunch is available for conference attendees.

In the evening the Swansea University student union bar will host a poetry open-mic featuring influential poets. A selection of mocktails will be available on the evening to inspire us all to find healthy alternatives for nights out.
This event is run by the Wellbeing service at Swansea University.

To book, visit: www.fatsoma.com/campus-life/depof6qc/hardships-of-being-human-a-festival-of-mental-he