HIW and CIW publishes Joint Thematic Review of Community Mental Health Teams

integrated nature of community mental health services, it was agreed that the review would be carried out jointly with CIW.

This review brings together the key themes to have emerged from our joint-inspections of Community Mental Health Teams (CMHTs) across Wales, as well as engagement with people who use services, carers, and the third sector.

HIW Chief Executive Dr Kate Chamberlain said: “This joint review has highlighted inconsistency in how care and support is being provided by Community Mental Health Teams across Wales.

“Whilst we have noted the commitment of those working within these services to provide the best care they can, the challenge remains to ensure that people living with mental illness receive equitable care wherever they live.

“We hope that this review will promote improvement, and that the findings and recommendations

are carefully considered by Welsh Government, Health Boards and Local Authorities.”

CIW Chief Inspector Gillian Baranski said: “Ensuring people with mental health needs, and their carers, receive seamless care and support from Community Mental Health Teams is essential. Thisreview has highlighted areas where joint working between health boards and local authorities is working well and has also identified areas where joint working needs to improve to ensure people achieve positive outcomes”