Fathers Reaching Out founder Mark Williams awarded Points of Light award

Many congratulations to Mark Williams from Bridgend, a mental health campaigner supporting other fathers with their mental wellbeing, who has received a Points of Light award!

Following his experiences of severe postnatal depression and mental health issues, Mark realised little support was available for new fathers and decided to establish ‘International Fathers’ Mental Health Day’. With 1 in 3 new dads concerned about their mental health, and 10% of new dads experiencing paternal postpartum depression, Mark began working to support dads worried about or suffering from depression, anxiety and PTSD. Through his campaigning, Mark is sharing the extensive research about the mental wellbeing of fathers, and working to give a voice to men transitioning into fatherhood. Since 2011, Mark has spoken around the world to raise the profile of perinatal mental health faced by fathers and campaign for better support.

In a personal letter to Mark, Prime Minister Theresa May said: “You have shown true bravery in talking about your own experiences, helping to combat stigma around the mental health of new fathers. In establishing ‘International Fathers’ Mental Health Day’, you are opening up vital conversations and ensuring that dads across the country feel supported.”

Mark said: “I’m very humbled and honoured to be awarded the Points of Light award from the Prime Minister. I receive this award on behalf of all the other campaigners, families that have trusted in me and the professionals I work alongside. Also to my wife, Michelle who has supported my work and inspired me to campaign for all parents.”

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