Mental Health UK to launch young people’s programme ‘Bloom’

Mental Health UK are launching a new young people’s programme called Bloom.

Funded by Lloyds Banking Group, Bloom is designed to work closely with young people and teachers across the UK and will provide people aged 14-18 with knowledge and tools to manage their own mental health through life transitions.

The programme has been developed out of rigorous research in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland about how to best provide young people with resilience and character-building skills.

Bloom is carried out in an education setting over the course of six weeks and is delivered through scenario-based workshops, giving young people the opportunity to explore key ideas and develop resilience tools.

Six sessions will be co-delivered by Mental Health UK and dedicated teachers. Training will be provided for teachers to increase the impact of Bloom across their school and ensure the legacy of the programme. Mental Health UK will then stay in contact with the schools after the training is complete for support beyond the life of the six-week programme.

Launching in September 2019, the programme will reach over 100,000 young people across the UK.

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