Campaign to End Loneliness responds to coronavirus self-isolation call for over-70s

The Government has announced that anyone over 70 should self-isolate as a precautionary measure against the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). This will have a significant impact on the health and wellbeing of millons of older people according to the Campaign to End Loneliness.

The Director of Campaigns, Policy and Research at the Campaign to End Loneliness, Robin Hewings, responds: “First and foremost, older people and vulnerable people are at greater risk from coronavirus and need protection and support. Lives are at risk and protecting them is paramount.

“But let us not be under any illusions; this is an unprecedented ask. Asking people to go without face to face social contact for months at a time will have a massive impact on many people’s health and wellbeing.

“The category of ‘over 70’ covers a huge age range – up to 40 years – and masks a great deal of variation in people’s levels of health and resilience. In general, it’s important we don’t make generalisations and assumptions about what people are capable of due to their age, though we understand why the Government is making this judgement in this unprecedented situation.

“People over the age of 70 contribute a huge amount to our society. The reduction in that contribution will be felt by all of us.

“As a society we have a responsibility to do everything we can to help people over 70 feel cared for and connected. Technology can play a huge part.”

The Campaign to End Loneliness has come us with a series of tips for dealing with social isolation during the coronavirus crisis. Read more at: