YoungMinds publishes advice for young people and parents on mental health impact of coronavirus

Leading mental health charity, YoungMinds, has issued advice to young people and parents on how to look after their mental health during the coronavirus pandemic.

Published advice includes:

The charity will aim to reach hundreds of thousands of young people and parents with supportive digital content over the coming weeks, to help those coping with uncertainty, social isolation, health anxiety, bereavement, additional caring responsibilities and gaps in mental health support.

The YoungMinds’ Parents Helpline will also remain open, by operating remotely, and will continue to provide free advice and guidance to any parent or carer worried about the mental health of a young person under 25.

Emma Thomas, Chief Executive of YoungMinds, said, “We know that many young people are finding the uncertainty surrounding coronavirus unsettling, especially as what might happen in the coming weeks and months is still unknown. Whatever situation young people are in, we hope to help them prepare and share advice and support.

“We also know that this is a particularly difficult time for parents, and that many are worried about the impact that school closures, insecurity and illness could have on the wellbeing of the whole family. At YoungMinds we believe it is imperative that we all work together during this period of instability and look after each other’s physical and mental health.”

The YoungMinds website will be updated regularly as the situation develops. It also provides advice on looking after yourself if you are a young person and has a Parent’s Guide to Support for parents and carers.