ReD Associates seeking UK participants for research on living with schizophrenia

ReD Associates is conducting research to understand the experience of living with schizophrenia and is looking for people in the UK to help inform priorities for treatment.

They are conducting ethnographic research to understand the experience of living with schizophrenia with prominent negative symptoms. The project will investigate how to improve insights into the daily life and well-being of people living with schizophrenia and persistent negative symptoms, such as lack of motivation, social withdrawal, reduced speech, blunted affect, and reduced ability to experience pleasure.

They aim to spend time with participants and their close relations to explore what it means to be living with schizophrenia and negative symptoms and/or supporting someone with the condition. In addition, they seek to understand how people with schizophrenia and those who support them monitor their condition and well-being.

The findings of this study will complement research with psychiatrists and other experts and may lead to improvements in clinical trial design as well as initiatives to improve insights and data in schizophrenia.

ReD Associates are looking for four participants from the UK, in addition to four from Spain and Germany to take part in the research during August 2020.

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