MPs to debate petition relating to deaths in mental health care

On Monday 30th November, MPs will debate issues relating to deaths in mental health care.

Led by Petitions Committee member Mike Hill MP, MPs from all parties can take part, and a Minister from the Department for Health and Social Care will respond on behalf of the Government.

The petition was started by the mother of 20-year-old Matthew Leahy, who died seven days after being taken to a ‘place of safety’.

The petition started by Matthew’s mother, which gained more than 105,000 signatures, says:

“Matthew was taken to ‘a place of safety’ and died seven days later. Twenty-four others died by the same means, dating back to the year 2000. An indicator that little was done to address the growing problems. Something went terribly wrong with the NHS Mental Health Services provided to my son.

“There really is no way that public concern can be allayed, short of an inquiry.”

You can watch the debate from 4.30pm, Monday 30 November here.

You can also read the debate transcript (available shortly after the conclusion of the debate) here.