ABPI Wales Industry Group: Mental Health Sub-Group

The Mental Health Sub-Group was established in order to develop links between interested pharmaceutical companies and the drivers of mental health care in Wales, including clinicians, pharmacists, NHS management and patient organisations, in order to facilitate improved patient care.

The Mental Health Sub-Group has collated a compendium of educational and training resources, produced by the stakeholder pharmaceutical companies, for the benefit of all our NHS customers.

The compendium is designed to provide an outline of some of the resources available to LHB’s and other NHS organisations to help deliver and implement the Mental Health priorities within Wales. A more comprehensive explanation of the various resources can be arranged through an individual company contact (see contact details).

It is hoped that an appreciation of the available resources will encourage the establishment of partnership frameworks between the NHS and the Pharmaceutical Industry, focused on implementing the Mental Health priorities in Wales.

All partnership requests should comply, where appropriate, with the guidance outlined in:- ‘Guidance for partnership working between NHS organisations, primary care contractors, the pharmaceutical industry and the allied commercial sector in Wales’ – WHC (2005) 016.

ABPI Cymru Wales regards this as an opportunity to explore and develop a process that will support effective joint working opportunities across the wider NHS spectrum in the future.

If you wish to download the Mental Health Compendium in PDF format, follow this link.