Hafal goes independent!

Hafal (meaning “equal” in Welsh) has been established in Wales to support people with severe mental illness. The new charity has been created as a response to devolution with the full support of Rethink, currently the leading UK charity for people with severe mental illness. Rethink is passing all its services and 75 staff in Wales over to Hafal.

The change followed wide consultation with clients, members, and staff of Rethink across Wales, resulting in 90% support for the establishment of the new charity.

Far from taking an insular approach the new charity foresees growing contact with organisations beyond Wales for the purpose of information-sharing, campaigning and expanding the horizons of members, clients and staff.

Peter Davey, a carer and Chair of the new charity, says:

“I positively believe that the changes we are making will, even in the short term, make a real difference to individuals and families who face the challenge of severe mental illness.”