Cardigan Worst in Wales for “Hurried Woman Syndrome”

Women in Cardigan are the most likely in Wales to suffer from “hurried woman syndrome” and are liable to encounter high stress and anxiety levels, mild depression and low self-esteem, a new report suggests.

Published by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) to coincide with International Women’s Day, the survey shows that an increasing number of women balancing long working hours with home life and a social life are suffering from chronic stress and exhaustion.

The problem is worst where working hours are longest. On average, women in Wales are working 37.3 hours, compared to 37.5 on average in the UK. But full-time female workers in Cardigan work some of the longest hours in Britain – on average 39.2 – closely followed by those in Conwy, who work an average of 38.7 hours. Bottom of the league with the shortest average weekly hours are Neath Port Talbot women who work 35 hours per week.

Ann Mayne from the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Women’s Health said: “It is International Women’s Day which celebrates the global economic, political and social achievements of women, yet for some women, achieving a proper work-life balance is difficult and problematic.

“If women are not careful, struggling to manage a busy work and home life can take its toll on their mental and physical health. Hurried women need to be able to spot the signs and take action. High stress and anxiety levels, mild depression, physical exhaustion, digestive disorders and low self-esteem are all indicators that something is not right.”

The CSP has come up with a list of tactics for women who find that they have too many things to juggle in life. The advice is to:

• Prioritise and delegate
• Put yourself first
• Relax
• Get plenty of sleep
• Eat well
• Exercise.

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