Is your GP offering a good service on mental health?

New data published this week will allow the Assembly Government to monitor levels of service provision and ill-health across Wales, including mental health.

The new information, called Quality and Outcomes Framework Achievement Data (QOF), allows anyone to see if GP practices are delivering on the new GP contract which allows them to provide services previously provided in hospitals. The system will also provide the ability to track progress of local GP practices in all areas of Wales.

Dr Brian Gibbons, Assembly Health and Social Services Minister, said: “This is the first time this kind of information has been published. It will assist both the NHS and patients in a number of ways. Such detailed monitoring of chronic conditions gives us the most accurate picture yet of areas where people are most at risk which will certainly help in preventing ill-health.”

The system uses a series of points to assess each GP practice which relate to the possibility of extra funding.

For more information about this data, go to: NHS Wales Website