1 in 5 employers won’t appoint incapacity benefit claimants with history of mental illness


On Thursday (11th May) Health and Social Services Minister Dr Brian Gibbons launched Hafal’s new Timetable that summarises the Assembly Government’s Raising the Standard: The Revised Adult Mental Health National Service Framework and an Action Plan for Wales.

Hafal, the user-led mental health charity, looked carefully over the proposals set out in the Assembly Government’s National Service Framework (NSF) and Action Plan, analysing the targets and picking out the specific promises. These were then clearly recorded in the Timetable year by year so that it’s plain to see exactly what the Assembly Government has committed itself to achieve.

Launching the Timetable, Dr Gibbons stated: “I welcome this Guide from Hafal which highlights the Standards and Key Actions within the NSF and details how the Action Plan will be implemented.

“Hafal are important partners in helping to deliver improved mental health services across the whole of Wales. This Guide is yet another excellent example of Hafal’s commitment to ensuring the National Service Framework is widely promoted.”

Bill Walden-Jones, Chief Executive at Hafal, said: “This is an extremely important publication. What it does is to set out in an immediately accessible format all of the targets in the hefty Assembly NSF and Action Plan. This means that targets are made clearer to clients and carers, and equally importantly, to the people who commission and deliver services.

“The Timetable also draws a line in the sand. Mental health services in Wales are in desperate need of improving. This Timetable sets out the proposed improvements in a straight-forward manner that is absolutely clear. We hope that the new publication will help the Assembly, and the people who deliver services, to meet the targets in the new NSF and bring about those overdue improvements.”

To read the Timetable, click here.