Stigma still surrounds schizophrenia

A nationwide survey into modern attitudes suggests that 81% of British people would be ‘unhappy’ for a close relative to marry someone with schizophrenia.

In the same study, 70% of those interviewed said they “would not feel comfortable” living next door to someone with the condition.
Just over half said they wouldn’t even want someone with depression as a neighbour.

The findings come from the 2006 British Social Attitudes Survey carried out by the National Centre for Social Research.

Every year, 3,300 people are selected and interviewed about their thoughts and feelings on a wide range of issues – everything from crime, race and politics to how they prefer to spend their free time.

The aim, says the NCSR, is to provide a snapshot of our nation’s attitudes at the current moment in time.

The survey looked at attitudes to physical as well as mental health problems and found that 79% would be ‘unhappy’ if a relative married someone with Multiple Sclerosis.