Variable but improving social services in Wales says report

The Social Services Inspectorate for Wales Annual Report 2005-2006 has found “accumulating evidence of improvement” in local authority social services in Wales, even though this is ‘variable’ across the country.

“Many councils are reviewing and attempting to reshape their pattern of services to meet changing expectations and demands, and to achieve better coordination between services. There are many examples of good practice and good service,” said Richard Tebboth, Acting Chief Inspector for Social Services in Wales.

“But there are still significant gaps and significant pressures on services, and the evidence of improved outcomes across the board is slower to accumulate,” he added.

The Report finds that some social services that previously gave rise to concern – namely Torfaen, Cardiff and Blaenau Gwent – have made significant improvements, and that all councils in Wales were providing a better service than they were a year previously.

Launching the report, Mr Tebboth stated: “Local councils must continue to improve performance, work more closely with the Health Service and others and must reshape their services to meet changing requirements.”