Hafal launches 2007 Manifesto at Assembly

Welsh mental health charity Hafal launched its Mental Health Manifesto for the 2007 Assembly Elections today (March 28th) at the National Assembly.

Stationed outside the Assembly the Hafal Election Campaign Bus was visited by a number of AMs from all parties who came to pick up a Manifesto and talk with Hafal Members about the mental health issues facing them.

Bill Walden-Jones, Chief Executive of Hafal, said: “Mental health is essential to everyone but it’s not given the same importance as physical health.

“1 in 30 of us in Wales will experience a severe mental illness like schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. It’s time to put mental health on the agenda and make it a priority.

“By launching the Manifesto at the Assembly, all parties have been alerted to the urgent issues surrounding mental health that voters want addressed.

“We will now take the Campaign Bus around Wales to raise awareness about these issues.”

To read the Hafal Manifesto, click here.