Care work must be a ‘desirable profession’ to drive up standards

A report by the Care Council for Wales says social care must be seen as a ‘desirable’ area for people to work, in order to gain the best employees and raise standards.

Qualifications are the key drivers in social services improvements, says the CCW annual report for 2006-7.

The report goes on to outline the steps taken in the last year to ensure social care is viewed as a desirable profession with clear standards of practice.

Rhian Huws Williams, the CCW’s Chief Executive, said: “We can see the progress that has been made in promoting high standards of practice and training for those working in social care services across Wales.

“We are now seeing the fruits of partnership working, listening to and working with service users, carers, employees and employers across the sector.

“That is our ethos and we are keen to improve and strengthen that approach year on year.”

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