Investigation into homicide of Aberdare vicar

The Healthcare Inspectorate Wales has begun an inquiry into issues surrounding the homicide of Aberdare priest Father Paul Bennett in March 2007 by Geraint Evans, a 24-year-old man with schizophrenia.

Evans pleaded guilty to manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility and was sentenced to be detained indefinitely at a high-security psychiatric unit.

The court heard that until his arrest for killing Father Bennett, Evans had not been known to mental health services and had never received any treatment for his mental illness.

At the time of the sentencing, calls were made by Father Bennett’s family and others for the Welsh Assembly to order an investigation into the case of Geraint Evans, to find out if any lessons could be learned.

The independent external review commissioned by the Assembly Government has now begun its work and will report its findings later this year, a spokesman has confirmed.

A spokesman for the Healthcare Inspectorate Wales said: “We have been asked to undertake a review by the Minister for Health and Social Services.”
They would make no further comment as they were part way through the investigation, the spokeswoman added.

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