Carers’ LCO receives Royal Approval

The Welsh Assembly Government has been given powers to introduce new laws to support carers after Deputy Minister for Social Services Gwenda Thomas AM’s Carers’ Legislative Competence Order (LCO) received Royal Approval this week.

The LCO, which was introduced in December 2008, will enable the Government to make specific Welsh laws (known as Measurers) designed to help the lives of carers in Wales.

The first of these Measures, as announced by the First Minister earlier this year, will focus on introducing new requirements on the NHS, working in partnership with local authorities, to produce a carers’ information strategy and a joint strategy for engaging with carers. The proposed Measure will also seek to ensure that young carers do not carry an inappropriate burden.

Gwenda Thomas said: “I am delighted that we have received Royal approval for the Carers’ LCO as this will enable us to address the current deficiencies in service provision for carers in Wales. The granting of this LCO will enable us to carry forward our One Wales commitment on carers.

“The Welsh Assembly will now be able to move forward and introduce a range of Measures specifically designed to support the needs of carers and to help maintain their health and well-being which in turn will benefit the lives of the people they care for.”