“Everybody’s Business remains key strategic document for young people”

The following is a mini news item from Hafal’s Big Lottery-funded Young People’s Information Hub. To access the Hub please click here.

Following a meeting between Hafal and Welsh Assembly Government (WAG) adviser Dr. David Williams to discuss progress on the 2010 “Breaking the Barriers: Meeting the Challenges”, report on young people’s mental health services, the young people’s info hub can report that:

• The new CAMHS inpatient unit in South Wales is to open in Summer 2011.

• CAMHS provision for all under 18s across Wales, regardless of educational status, is on track to be developed by the end of March 2012.

• The development of a new specialised forensic CAMHS team is in process which will provide designated mental health support for young offenders in Parc Prison.

• The National Expert Reference Group and the National Delivery Group to monitor and oversee the implementation of the Action Plan are currently being established, and service user involvement in these groups will be key.

Dr. Williams, CAMHS Professional Advisor to WAG, confirmed to Gavin Williams, Hafal’s Young People’s Lead, that WAG’s 2001 strategy document “Everybody’s Business” remains the key strategic document outlining the vision, values and direction of CAMHS in Wales while the Action Plan outlines how this vision is to be implemented in practical terms.

Commenting on Dr Williams’ remarks Gavin said: “Because ‘Breaking the Barriers’ is interim in nature it is vital that the Mental Health (Wales) Measure, which is age-blind, ensures that young people have a right to access comprehensive, holistic care plans which will translate into earlier intervention because this has been shown to have positive outcomes.”