NHS Wales Chief David Sissling interviewed exclusively for new Mental Health Wales Journal

The new edition of the Mental Health Wales Journal is now available online.

This season’s edition features an exclusive interview with the Head of NHS Wales, David Sissling and also includes articles on the “devastating” effect the reform of the welfare system is having on some service users and a story on how CAMHS’ services in Wales “appear” to be improving.

In a wide-ranging interview Mr Sissling revealed: he has stressed to all Local Health Boards (LHBs) that they ensure mental health services remain a high priority; LHB Vice Chairs have been given direct responsibility to champion mental health services; and one of the biggest challenges he will face in the next five years is “ensuring the genuine involvement of service users in the planning and shaping of services.”

To download the journal please visit: http://home-5011705817.webspace-host.com/wordpress/mhw/journal.php