Be an ‘Epic Friend’!

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An excellent new website, “Epic Friends”, has been set up to help young people with a serious mental illness.

Funded by the Children’s Hospital Charity in Sheffield, it aims to provide clear information for young people about what to do if they suspect their friends are feeling anxious, depressed or troubled in some way.

The website defines an “Epic Friend” as a friend who notices a problem and is prepared to listen.

Gill Crow, consultant Clinical Psychologist from Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust, had the idea for the website and developed the content.

She told the BBC: “Young people often turn to their friends. Friends are the ones who notice if they are not eating or becoming reclusive and not going out. They talk more to their peer group than their parents at that age, although parents can underestimate how important they can be.

“Adolescence is a very difficult time of life. A lot of young people will be feeling anxious about something. The danger is that they get into a negative spiral, becoming more and more anxious.”

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