CAMHS “key priority” in Together for Mental Health

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Health and Social Services Minister Lesley Griffiths AM launched “Together for Mental Health” (TMH) this week.

TMH is the Welsh Government’s mental health Strategy for the next ten years. It is the first mental health Strategy to cover all ages; its aim is to improve the mental health of everyone in Wales and deliver more effective services.

To find out how young people influenced TMH and how the Strategy will improve the lives of young people in Wales with a serious mental illness the Hub asked Sian Richards, the Welsh Government’s Mental Health Strategy Lead, to answer the following question. Her answer follows.

HUB: What issues did young people raise during the TMH consultation period and how will the Strategy help the most vulnerable young people with serious mental illness in Wales?

SIAN: Specific “Together for Mental Health” consultation events for young people took place in the summer. These events involved 80 young people with experience of mental health services and with youth groups.  The common themes they raised were: the importance of having positive supporting relationships with professionals based on trust; having the right support at the right time; wanting choice about the services they receive and confidentiality; and the need to have good transition between CAMHS and adult services.

CAMHS services are a key priority area in the Strategy and a number of key actions are included in the Strategy’s Delivery Plan focussing on early years support, rapid interventions and that transition between services is managed more effectively.

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