“Work Capability Assessment remains an ineffective process”

A third Review of the Work Capability Assessment (WCA) is being undertaken by UK government adviser Professor Malcolm Harrington. The WCA was first introduced in October 2008 to assess entitlement to Employment and Support Allowance (ESA), and the Welfare Reform Act 2007 commits the Secretary of State to lay an independent report before Parliament each year for the first five years of operation.

Ban on MPs with mental ill health to end

The Westminster Government has backed a private member’s bill by Gavin Barwell MP which aims to end an antiquated law which means that MPs detained under the Mental Health Act for more than six months are stripped of their seat.

Young People’s Information Hub Case Study

George (not his real name), has had depression and anxiety since he was 13. Unfortunately George, now 18, has had no support from his family since becoming ill as “they do not believe in the existence of mental illness”.