“Concerns over number of mental health detentions ending in police cells”

The Western Mail has reported that “nearlyhalf of people with mental health problems who are detained by police are beingtaken to cells rather than hospitals, despite guidance that this should onlyhappen in exceptional circumstances.”

Whilepolice stations are listed as places of safety, Welsh Government guidance says“using police officers and police facilities is not in an individual’sinterests when they need mental health services rather than criminal justiceservices.”

But figures obtained by the newspaper under the Freedom of InformationAct show that of the 277 people detained by Gwent Police in 2012, 136 (49%)were taken to police stations.

To read the full story go to:  http://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/2013/04/02/concerns-over-number-of-mental-health-detentions-that-end-up-in-police-cells-91466-33098145/#ixzz2PapErduc