Investigation suggests that England’s mental health services are at crisis point

An investigation by the BBC and Community Care magazine suggeststhat mental health services in England are in “crisis”. Theinvestigation finds that more than 1,500 mental health beds in England haveclosed in recent years and that average occupancy levels in acute adult andpsychiatric beds are running at 100%.

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Care Minister Norman Lamb commented: “Current levels ofaccess to mental health treatment are unacceptable. There is an institutionalbias in the NHS against mental health and I am determined to end this.”

Chief Executive of Hafal, Wales’ principal organisation forpeople with serious mental illness and their carers, said: “There is nothing to suggest that Welsh mental health services are superior to those in England -indeed it is pretty obvious that modernisation in terms of hospital care lagsbehind – not the same thing as bed capacity but still a significant deficiency.”

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