Hafal Briefing on Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Bill Stage 3 Plenary Debate

Hafal hasproduced a policy briefing for Assembly Members to consider when they debatethe Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Bill this week.  The briefinghighlights a number of improvements that need to be made to the Bill which wasintroduced by Gwenda Thomas, Deputy Minister for Social Services last January.

The SocialServices and Well-being (Wales) Bill, which will be considered in detail by AMstomorrow before coming into force in 2016, provides the legal framework tosupport the transformation of care and support in Wales.  It aims tofacilitate the implementation of the Welsh Government’s social servicespolicies and consolidate and clarify social care law in Wales within a specificWelsh legal framework.  The Bill places a much sharper focus on the earlyidentification of those in need of support and care, the promotion of wellbeingand the targeting of support aimed at reducing demand for long-term care.

AlthoughHafal Members welcome the main principles and intentions of the Bill which aimsto improve provision of and access to social services across Wales, they dofeel that the legislation does need significant strengthening, in particular inrelation to carers whose needs should be more carefully considered. 

Hafal’s Headof Public Affairs Peter Martin said:  “We are pleased with many aspects ofthis Bill, but there is still some work to be done in order for it to meet theneeds of our own service users and others who use health and social services inWales.  Our policy briefing endorses the view of Carers Wales and theCarers Alliance.  We want the provisions set out for carers in the CarersMeasure to be transferred into the new Bill.

“We alsowant this Bill to build on what has been achieved through the Mental Health(Wales) Measure and give those who use health and social services greaterchoice and control.”

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