New “10 Point Plan” for mental health carers in Wales launched

Welsh mentalhealth charity Hafal has launched a “10 point plan for mental health carers” which provides key tips on howcarers can look after the person they care for – and themselves – aseffectively as possible.

Introducing the Guide, carers Liz and Steve Hails comment: “When youfirst become a carer for a person with a serious mental illness it can bestressful and confusing. Often the person we care for is a close family memberand it is distressing to see them become ill. But there’s good news: seriousmental illnesses are very treatable and everyone with a serious mental illnesscan take steps towards recovery. As carers, we can take a positive role in thisprocess.

“This plan is based on the tips we’ve had from carer Members at Hafal.It’s based on real life and it applies both to new and experienced carers. Theplan sets out the positive steps you can take as a carer to improve your lifeand support the person you care for.”

As well as including key tips, the Guide provides accessible informationon the legal rights of carers and links to further sources of information.

To download the guide go to: