Cardiff ‘Battle Scars’ play aims to reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness and self-harm

The multi-award winning ‘Battle Scars: A New Musical’returns to Cardiff this autumn, presented by ALRIGHT Theatre.

By exploring themes of self-harm and mental health problemsin young people, the play aims to minimise stigma and create a community wherethe discussion of mental health problems is encouraged.

Still struggling to adjust following the disappearance ofher mother, the play’s protagonist Lily Prewitt finds herself sectioned into amental health unit for teenagers. As her life begins to spiral out of control,she will rely on the relationships she makes with her fellow inpatients toultimately decide her future.

Telling Lily’s story, ‘Battle Scars: A New Musical’ exploresdepression, self-harm and anorexia with a brutal honesty.

From its very first stages, ‘Battle Scars’ has been aproject heavily focused on opening up the discussion of mental health amongstyoung people, with a particular emphasis on the topic of self-harm. It isthought that at least 13% of young people aged 11-16 engage in self-harming activities,and yet the discussion of it remains largely taboo.

‘Battle Scars: A New Musical’ will play at the YMCA Theatre,Cardiff on the following dates:

• Thu 12thNov – 19:00

• Fri 13thNov – 19:00

• Sat 14thNov – 12:00

• Sat 14thNov – 19:00

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